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Welcome to the world of IISIIDI

Where passion meets action. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Leonardo Cracchiolo, IISIIDI embodies the principle of "If I say it, I do it." With a decade of successful experience in the lending industry and the creation of multiple profitable ventures, Leonardo is dedicated to fostering a community of young entrepreneurs poised for success.


At IISIIDI, we believe in the power of connection, collaboration, and growth. Our platform serves as a haven for budding entrepreneurs to come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another. Whether you're seeking guidance on your startup journey or looking to forge meaningful connections, IISIIDI is your space to flourish – both collectively and independently.

We stand united

We stand united against bullying and ego-driven behavior. Our commitment to a supportive and respectful environment ensures that every member feels empowered to contribute and thrive. For those who prioritize growth and mutual respect, IISIIDI is your home.


Join us in transforming dreams into reality. Discover the power of IISIIDI Membership and unlock your potential today!

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IISIIDI VIP Membership 

Introducing IISIIDI VIP, an exclusive membership opportunity with a limited enrollment, set to accommodate a maximum of 50 VIP members by 2027. To become a part of this select community, individuals need to submit an application, demonstrating their interest in joining the "brotherhood."


It's important to adhere to the terms and conditions, as any violation will result in immediate termination without any refund.


Becoming an IISIIDI VIP member comes with numerous perks, including access to complimentary monthly gifts, ebooks, participation in exclusive events, the chance to advertise on the IISIIDI platform, potential feature in the IISIIDI magazine at no charge, invitations to yacht events, and more.


Please note that VIP membership pricing is subject to change upon the commencement of the 2rd round of VIP members. The initial 10 VIP members will enjoy "grandfathered" pricing, ensuring their rates remain unchanged.


The IISIIDI Silver Membership offers you a range of exciting benefits. Upon joining, you'll enjoy a substantial 35% discount on all our merchandise, allowing you to enhance your collection at a fraction of the cost.


Additionally, you'll gain access to a total of 3 insightful webinars every 6 months, providing you with valuable knowledge and insights across various topics.


As a Silver Member, you'll also have the privilege of accessing a selection of e-books, some of which will be available at a discounted rate of 35% (You will get 1 free E-book per month) This ensures that you can expand your reading list without straining your budget.


Moreover, being a part of the Silver Membership gives you the opportunity to participate in our exclusive VIP trips. These trips offer an unparalleled experience, allowing you to mingle with other esteemed members and create memorable moments.


In summary, the IISIIDI Silver Membership offers you discounts on merchandise, access to enriching webinars, discounted e-books, and a chance to embark on exciting VIP trips. It's a comprehensive package designed to enhance your knowledge, lifestyle, and overall membership experience.

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